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Local History (page 3 of 4)

Birchley House
The older part of this house once belonged to the Randolph family. Dated to around 1562,

It contains some fine paneling, and during restoration earlier, some rare examples of Tudor wall painting were discovered.

On one small window pane the name 'Bernard Randolph 1610' is scratched.




Turning along the Smarden road one soon comes to the hamlet whose name (Stanetandene in 858) meaning stony pasture, suggests that it stood on a very early track through the Weald.

The house, which has exceptionally fine decorative timbering and chimney stacks, is reputed to have once been part of a religious hostelry used by pilgrims or clergy on their way to or from Canterbury. The present house has the date 1578 on the chimney-piece.


Three Chimneys

This old inn stands just outside the parish boundary. Traditionally the name is a corruption of 'trois chemins', the junction of three roads marking the limit allowed for French soldiers to walk, when imprisoned at Sissinghurst Castle during the Seven Years' war.

However the junction was so called long before any prisoners tramped through the Wealden mud.


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