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Local History (page 2 of 4)

Biddenden Place

Biddenden Place and Hendon Hall face each other at the southern end of the village;

Both at one time belonged to the Hendon family. To the east, the house known as 'The Place' was owned by the Maynes for several generations

But at the end of Queen Elizabeth's reign, Anthony Mayne (grandson of the founder of the village school) moved to Linton Place near Maidstone, and sold the estate to Sir Edward Hendon.



Hendon Hall

Hendon Hall was called Townland in 1838 and was built by the elder William Hendon.

It was then owned by the Taylor and Hague families. The 'gazebo' perched on the end of the garden wall, is believed to have been used as a lookout for the arriving stagecoach, and a horn blown there to announce it's arrival.



Vane Court

Vane Court was probably built around 1420, and is the oldest house in the village. It's name however is younger, so, not much is known about the owner's through the centuries.

In 1939 it became a royal residence, the King of Siam (now Thailand) lived there.


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