Date 7 October 2015

Ross Henden

Location Brisbane, Australia

I have visited Biddenden to search for my family's origins and found it at Biddenden.
It seems the Henden's inhabited and roamed these parts in earlier times. I look forward to my next visit

Date 20 June 2015

Jon Pierce

Location France

Hello can you help?? My mother bought a ceramic wall plaque in the 1970's of the Biddenden Maids, it was brown with a leather tie to hold it on the wall, I wonder if similar items still exist for sale???

Date 22 May 2015
Name Heather
Location Ontario , Canada

Hi everyone, great site. I am curious if there are any Brazier's that still live in Biddenden. My 4th great grandparents are from there . John Brazier and Lydia King.Their son John Brazier m Harriett Brenchley.I am curious about John and Lydia Brazier. Also the Brenchley family. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can fill in blanks of the Brazier's that came to Canada. Thanks again

Date 21 April 2015
Name Lisa Woodley (nee Clark/Brown)
Location Surrey, England

Having lost my dad lat year, I started, rather late, researching my history.

My dads mothers side of the family (Browns) all came from Benenden and Biddenden. Most born, bred and lived there.

They worked on farms such as Frog's Hole in 1891. I believe owned and rented their own: Beagles Wood Farm, Pembury and also I believe had a connection to Goldwell Cottages and 3 Chimneys.

There are many many siblings I am unearthing and if anyone has stories or photos to tell/share, please do get in touch. I plan to visit soon!

Date 6 November 2011
Name Michelle B. Powell
Location Douglasville, Georgia

Lovely village! My g-g-great-grandfather George Day emigrated from there to Georgia in the 1840\'s & I was interested to see where my ancestors were from. Hope to visit someday...

Date 20 October 2011
Name Colin Milton
Location Melbourne Australia

Great site..brings back memories as I lived at the Weavers in the 60s when I was a kid...had a mate there called Brian.

Date 19 April 2011
Name Debbie Arndt
Location Lowell, Dodge, Wisconsin, USA

What a beautiful place! My family came from Biddenden. Wish to come there some day.

Date 06 April 2011
Name John Mackay
Location United Kingdom

I owe my knowledge to Nigel Osborne of New Zealand who set me on the trail of my maternal grandfather, Henry Edward Drury. My late mother knew almost nothing of him but he and his family came from the Old Workhouse. He died at Les Rues des Vignes on 1.12.1917 (WWI). His brothers and sisters\' families have now contacted each other. He was apprenticed to a Barber in Pontlottyn - a South Wales mining village. From Biddenden it must have been a traumatic experience. Lovely village and I must get a video together on youtube to show it off.

Date 20 February 2011
Name Steve Trumpolt
Location Rindge, NH
My ancestors (Stow) were from Biddenden.

Date 17 February 2011
Name Julia Witting
Location Hertfordshire
I found that your website gives a very helpful flavour of the village.

Date 6th December 2010
Name June Henden
Location Western Australia

I have been researching the Henden family tree and see that some originated from Biddenden. I have not visited the town myself but would love to if I get back to the U.K. As a matter of interest I live approximately 90km\'s from a town called Tenterden in W.A. also we have a shire close by called Kent and another called Plantagenet. Quite amazing that I live so close to familiar names of towns near where my family may of originated from.

Date 11 September 2010
Name Mike James
Location Polegate

My mother, Muriel James, died today at the age of 91. She lived in Biddenden during World War II until 1947 and then from 1953 until 1972 when she moved to Peacehaven. I recognise a couple of names from the guest book as people I went to school with, that seems a lifetime ago. I left Biddenden in 1970 but I still come back about once a year to put flowers on my grandparents grave. It has changed a lot from the village I grew up in.