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Welcome to Biddendenkent.co.uk
A typical English Village, set in the picturesque countryside of Kent in the Southeast of England.

Two Free car parks, 1 with Public Toilets and the other bigger car park in the Recreation Ground.

Latticed windowed Flemish weavers cottages stretch the full length of the south side of the High street, which is flanked on both sides by fossilized stone quarried long ago from near by Bethersden from which it gets it's name [Bethersden marble].

A village not just famous for its pretty street but on the village green stands a most attractive sign, carved and painted by a local crafts man, of a pair of twins, known as the Biddenden Maids.

According to tradition The Biddenden Maids were twin sisters that were born in 1100, joined at the shoulders and hips.


The story describes how Elisa and Mary Chulkhurst who lived in this condition for 34 years, when one of them died.

The other, refusing, or more likely, it being impossible for her to be separated from her sisters body, died shortly afterwards.

Local records show that for over 400 years income gained from 20 acres of land, Believed to have been bequeathed by two sisters, and had been used for the benefit of the poor of the parish.

Once a year Bread and Cheese and are given to local widows and pensioners at the Old Workhouse,
Biddenden Biscuits, baked from flour and water, are distributed among the spectators as souvenirs, They bear an effigy of two female figures whose bodies are joined together at the hips and shoulders.


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